Saturday Workshops 2012

In addition to our main speakers, you will have fun and informative workshops to choose from! Saturday morning, Sept 1st,  at 10:00 and 11:00 participants will be able to choose to attend two of four workshops.  They are:

 Be a Healthier You – Cooking Meals for One:  Presented by Michelle Croft.  Michelle’s “can-do” attitude and knowledge will set you on the road, and out of the rut of eating those too fast, too unhealthy meals.  Check out this workshop for great ideas you can use every day.

All You Wanted to Know About Technology but were Afraid to Ask:  Presented by President Spencer Zaugg.  Feel like you have been left behind and can’t even understand the vocabulary of the younger generation – texting, twitter, facebook, etc?  Join this group for a fabulous look at what’s being used in communication and information technology and how to use it.

Enlarging Your Circle of Friends and Making an Impact in the Lives of Others:  Presented by Cherrie Brady.  Cherrie has incredible insight and experience in community involvement.  Attend this class to learn new skills that will enrich your life in ways that you never dreamed.

Languages of Love without the Gift of Tongues:  Presented by Anthony D. Miller. Why do other people sometimes not respond to my expressions of love and intimacy? Why do other people sometimes express their love in ways that have little meaning to me…leaving me emotionally empty?  What is the primary reason for misbehavior in children and teenagers? Join us for a lively conversation about The Five Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman.  (Prior to the workshop, please complete the profile assessment at:

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